chi siamo

Caldex has worked in the field of wholesale wristwatch and jewelry distribution for 50 years. Today Caldex takes pride in their credibility, confidence and seriousness achieved through hard work and consistency with respect to tradition and innovation. Caldex has distributed some of the most famous watch brands in the world: Girard, Perregaux, Century and Breguet to name a few. With so much experience, we place special care on each new project. Our attention to detail clearly appears in Wintex watches style and design.


Elegant, sophisticated, otherwise unique. Woman collection watches are perfectly in step with up-to-date quest of sparkling glamour. Wintex woman collection is the triumph of creativity and of colors: from the simplest to the most fanciful, each model is distinguished thanks to its original design. Wintex’s creations fulfil, enhance and customize your apparel. Wintex’s allure is classic and nevertheless up-to-date and exclusive.

the wintex soul

Wintex created a new genre of watches: its models move from the traditional mechanical expertise to the great field of design. Its collections follow major brands clichés, with the aim not to imitate but to ironically interpret them. Colored watchbands, golden metals and new materials are inspirationally combined with traditional shapes. Wintex watches de-emphasize (in their cost as well) the cult of luxury watches, and they open new sceneries made of amusement and originality.


Wintex is a property of Caldex srl and was started in 1950. The first models were inspired by the same value that we hold to today: originality. The importance we place on fashion and sensibly interpreting trends can clearly be seen in our collections. Outstanding quality support, every watch is repairable and guaranteed for 2 years, along with ever-changing unique pieces have made Wintex one of the most sought-after watch brands by the most discerning people.

private label

CALDEX also specializes in designing and manufacturing exclusive custom-made watches for clients who want a unique piece. Additionally, there is also a "tailor" service that many customers use for promotional or memorial purposes.